Hello people! I’m back bringing up “BASICS OF PYTHON (PART-1)” for curious programmers. Here, we will see a beginner guide to Python which will help you in various fields to grow more.

Lets’s start by writing our first program in python which just prints “We The Pythonians” so as to make you clear about basic python syntax.

Click here to see

We are going to start off with “PYTHON BASICS” which includes:

  1. Data Types
  2. Operators
  3. Flow Control
  4. Functions
  5. File Handling

We’ll cover basic DATA TYPES which includes NUMERIC, DICTIONARIES, SET, LIST, TUPLE, STRING. Further; we’ll be working with OPERATORS and understanding how FLOW CONTROL works and how we can manipulate it using LOOPS and FUNCTIONS in which we’ll learn how to write some functions which can further be executed and also understand some built-in functions which python has. Later on, we’ll learn FILE HANDLING in python where we can read, write, open and close the file. Thus, this will be the agenda of our blog.

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